Water Power Peace The Power of a Playground

The Water Power Peace is unlike most projects that are designed to address the world's water crisis and poverty issues. This project links education to both issues, and links schools and student to solve the issues together. The project began with innovative playground that generates electricity, allowing clean water to be pumped or surface water to be cleaned, and enough power left to use for lights, irrigation, and even provide charging capacity for computers, tools and other important classroom aids. Schools are brought together in a sister school relationship with the goal of one school in the United States, working together with their sister school, which can be anywhere in the world, the only criteria is to find a school that lacks access to clean drinking water and power, and through a one year curriculum, students raise enough money to bring themselves and the playground to the sister school in the first summer. The ongoing work between the schools is up to them, and has included yearly visits, teacher exchanges, planting orchards and gardens, building classrooms, letter exchanges, setting up computer labs, and more.

The project began with an initial grant from the Sabre Companies LLC, who invented, designed and built the playground.

Donate Now

The WaterPowerPeace project was founded in 2008 and raises money through the Play for Power Fund, a component Fund of the The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region. Your charitable donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly to the sister school curriculum, sister school projects in their country and the equipment and installation of playgrounds that generate enough power to pump clean water, provide lights, and charging stations able to provide a sister school with water, lights and a way to bring computers, tools and other aid to the schools. Please click the donate now page and follow the directions and help us continue the wonderful work doing done by students on both sides of the world.

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